Sometimes all it takes is the closure of one lane on a road to bring Hackney, east London, to a standstill. It was no different today. A bumper-to-bumper traffic crisis on Graham Road (one of the culprits for the bottleneck, along with Mare Street) and vehicles jumping reds as if they were auditioning for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games 400m hurdles.

No bottlenecks for this two-wheel-riding, first-time-published author. After a hearty brunch at my favourite café/restaurant/bar/live music venue, Jam in a Jar (or The Jar, as we locals call it), I went on a tour of independent bookshops from north to east London, barely scratching the surface of the wealth of knowledge and experience there is out there.

And autumn’s still with us. Which is great when you cycle through spots like Bruce Castle Park and London Fields (the latter almost at dusk). Tell you what. Makes you even forget there are cars on the roads. With their bumpers close to other bumpers.

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