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Mario López-Goicoechea is a Cuban-born, London-based writer and blogger who has lived in the British capital since 1997. His success as a blogger merited his inclusion in the first anthology of Cuban bloggers called Buena Vista Social Blog (editor, Beatriz Calvo Peña) in 2010. In 2012, Mario published three separate essays on the centenary of Cuba’s foremost playwright, poet, essayist and short storywriter, Virgilio Piñera in The Guardian, Prospect magazine and The Prisma newspaper. For the last twelve years, Mario has built a strong and ever-growing diverse readership. To quote from a reviewer on Medium, Mario produces “intelligent writing that seeks to start conversations on difficult issues.”

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What does a certificate of naturalistion mean to an immigrant in Brexit-plagued modern Britain? How do we navigate the various identity markers we acquire through life? Which ones stand out? Which ones blend in and get forgotten? And why? How does language affect the process of adaptation to a new country? Should writing from an “English as an Additional Language (EAL)” perspective be seen through the prism of aesthetics (writing per se) or identity politics? What is masculinity in the 21st century? How big is the Afro-Cuban scene in London nowadays? Is it time the Cuban government acknowledged Virgilio Piñera’s contribution to the island’s literary canon and apologised for the way it treated the writer? What is the linguistic future of the next Latin American generation?Throughout almost a hundred pages, I will attempt to answer these and other questions. However, if you finish the book and are left with more interrogative sentences than statements, I will feel just as satisfied. My job as a writer has been done.



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A mid-morning cycle ride to a few East London’s independent bookshops today had me feeling like an early noughties Jill Scott. Replacing “Who is Jill Scott?” for “Who is Mario López-Goicoechea?” of co ........


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